youedge l ogo

I love to TRAVEL and I created this blog as the youEDGE travel channel to my wanderlust soul.  For me, life is just a short journey before you’ll be calling by God to your permanent destination. So what you have to do now is doing something that can make you happy with limited time given. Be happy and don’t feel sad.


Besides, One thing for sure, we have to utilize our life in a positive way. Think positive can slowly make our life happy. Just get away all the negative elements from your head to ensure you have a healthy life for a living. Feeling and emotion are uncontrollable items when you are truly in so called grey situation. The feeling where you are happy and sad are 2 different situation of emotion. Don’t let your feeling control you… just get a away by doing something fun and can make you happy!! Be happy and happy for making live longer!!I also have a strong passion of FOOD. Malaysia is a Foodie Heaven.  We do have various kind of Malaysian Food to be tasted. The food is from north in Penang till south in Johor of Malaysia will make your mouth-watering like hell when talk about the deliciousness of food.